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While the UK Government lockdown is in place, 52 Group’s employees, across both Films and Digital, are working from home. All travel for shoots and work has been suspended until restrictions are lifted and travel is deemed necessary.

Where possible, we continue to work on all projects remotely while the crisis continues. We have also started two initiatives since the lockdown:

Firstly, we have launched two new packages for Films + Digital. We are currently offering 60-second videos using stock and motion graphics starting at £1,000 + stock fees. We are also offering digital distribution campaigns for £1,000 + ad spend per channel or platform. For every project, we are donating £52 to the NHS. Please visit  for more information.

Secondly, Corona Network was launched on the first day of the UK lockdown. The aim is to build an online platform to share positive news, ideas and events that are happening in the UK, and to bring people and communities closer together to help manage the effects of social distancing or isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. For more information please visit:

If you require any assistance or would like to make an enquiry, please contact us on

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