52 Group Increases Focus on Digital Fundraising + Investments

Helping investment management firms, charities and listed businesses go “direct to investor”

“Raise + Deploy” supports organisations attracting new investors and new investments

52 Group announces a new focus on helping organisations raise and deploy capital. “Raise + Deploy” will serve investment management firms, charities and listed businesses – organisations that look to improve the use of digital channels to increase the amount of funds generated online – by helping them target the investors that match their investment opportunities.

This focus unites the three group divisions – Stakeholder, 52 Films and 52 Digital. Each division supports digital fundraising activities in different ways:

Stakeholder: a SaaS investor marketing product, providing access to global investor audience research and data for investor targeting,

Films: original video, animation, short and long-form branded content

Digital: platforms, content, audience management, addressable market coverage and origination

All three divisions will combine to provide measured impact and returns for clients.

For VC and PE firms, alongside increasing access to LPs and investors, the group will also improve access to portfolio companies and new investment opportunities by distributing content to the senior management teams of addressable markets.

Original content and communications, when created, distributed and attributed correctly, generates significant, measurable growth and value. By diving deep into global investor markets and audiences, the service will enable clients to target individuals and organisations that match their investment opportunities. These audiences may range from members of the public, retail investors, advisors and intermediaries through to pension funds, family offices and sovereign wealth funds.

Mungo Park, Managing Director of 52 Group said, “Organisations that fundraise are embracing digital transformation. By being digital-first in the way they raise funds, organisations can now go “direct to investor” and protect themselves for the future at a time when markets are evolving and regulations are changing the financial landscape.”

52 Group is launching a variety of connected initiatives to support this announcement including: A new e-book series called “A Detailed Guide to Digital Fundraising” with 14 chapters which will be released weekly – the first chapters can be found here; A new “Raise + Deploy” focused newsletter has been created; A more detailed article explaining the approach has also been published.

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